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Texas residents who own a home know their homeowners insurance rates are some of the highest in the nation. There are many factors involved with creating this situation. Insurance providers will argue there are a number of unexpected tragedies that regularly occur in Texas. The weather in Texas plays a major role in determining the price of homeowners insurance.

Weather Patterns
The state of Texas is home to a wide variety of weather patterns. Where in Texas a person purchases their home as well as what type of weather occurs there will influence the cost of homeowners insurance. Texas weather hits many areas very hard. There are often drastic changes in temperature and weather patterns when one season turns into the next. The weather experienced by a house in Texas between summer, fall winter and spring can be extreme. This can impact homes with wooden frames as well as certain types of metals. The wood used in home construction will warp. When wood is a major component of a home, it’s possible the frame will be changed. Problems can occur even when routine maintenance is regularly performed. It is important for Texas homeowners to have a policy that will cover them when little problems occur. This will prevent the problems from turning into big ones in the future.Unexpected
In many areas of Texas, unanticipated harmful weather patterns occur and cause damage to homes. This is why it’s important in Texas to have a homeowners insurance policy that will cover the possibility of extreme weather conditions. This is essential for individuals who provide housing for commercial purposes. Their property homeowners insurance policy will protect their house from any harm caused by unexpected weather. It could also protect them from any possible legal action brought against them by their tenants.Hail And Windstorm Insurance
The majority of homeowners insurance Houston 10-15 policies in Texas do not cover loss resulting from hail and windstorms. In many parts of Texas, this is a real concern. This type of coverage is essential for homeowners who live along the 14 Texas coastal counties and areas of the Galveston Bay. There is a way for people in these areas to obtain coverage for hail and windstorm damage. This type of coverage is provided by the Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA). This insurance is usually provided by local insurance agents in the affected areas.

Flood Insurance
There are areas of Texas very susceptible to flooding. Many standard homeowners insurance 10-15 policies do not cover loss from any type of ground water. Texas homeowners who want insurance to protect their home from flooding will need to purchase a separate flood insurance policy. These policies are offered by the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). This program is run by the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). If a Texas homeowner’s property is located is a designated flood hazard area, their lender is going to require they have flood insurance. It has been estimated that a flood hazard area has a one percent chance of being flooded during any year.

Parts of Texas are very vulnerable to wildfires. This can occur naturally from a strike of lightning and high winds or result from mistakes made by people. Most of the homeowners policies in Texas will cover repair and replacement of a home destroyed by wildfire. When policyholders are forced to leave their homes to avoid a wildfire, insurance will compensate them for food and lodging. The coverage can also extend to cleaning a home damaged by soot and smoke. It’s also important Texas homeowners remove anything from their property that would help fuel a wildfire. This could include removing leaves and sticks from the roof and lawn as well as using fire-resistant construction materials and more